Dirty Hands and Happy Hearts

There is much to be gained from working together with our hands to improve a space we love; and on Saturday, September 28th, we did just that!

Shortly after the morning rain ceased, Assets’ families gathered on campus to enhance, repair, and add beauty to our space. By collaborating on projects we had the opportunity to improve the environment our children learn, play, and thrive in; and our children worked alongside us on something they love. Plus, we had the added benefit of building community while we worked.

The conversations were by far a highlight of the day; and the pizza, of course! The students were excited to see their peers outside of the classroom and parents had the opportunity to exchange phone numbers and set up playdates outside of school.

With many hands the work load was feasible and enjoyable!

In the Community Garden we weeded 5 garden beds, repaired the boxes and irrigation, added fresh soil, and planted a cover crop. Randy Castello led a group of eager parents and students, while they weeded and planted in the K-4 Village Garden and Edel Yamane shared her artistic talents with parents as they brightened up the hallways with new bulletin boards.

After two hours of hard work we stopped to rest, eat, and celebrate together. From the bottom of my heart-thank you to everyone that joined! It truly was a wonderful day.

The warmest mahalo,


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